"Hugo's Fantasyland"

Part of what kept Chavez in power so long was his ability to tell a good story. He was a master orator and his confidence and conviction were certainly impressive. Problem was, his stories had grown increasingly disconnected with the realities of everyday life for Venezuelans. 

Rolling blackouts, a sky rocketing murder rate, food shortages, and the exporting of oil to make friends and influence people internationally while regular citizens in Venezuela didn't have access to basic goods and services—these things can’t simply be explained away with rationalizations, clever quips, and a way with words. 

So to point out how disconnected Hugo’s priorities were from the issues facing his people, this campaign took his penchant for telling tall tales and amplified it. We showed how the world Hugo sees and the world that exists were entirely different places. And asked the people of Venezuela to bring Hugo back to reality on election day.

One Show Merit, Public Service - Collateral 
Seattle Addy 2013 - Silver, Integrated Campaign

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