Tracksmith is an independent running apparel brand that celebrates the distinct culture of the runner in every way imaginable. Below is a collection of the marketing efforts we delivered for the start-up (3 years old) brand in 2017.

"Four is Fun"

Limited series "Relay Kits" inspired by historic relays in the Northeast.
We embraced everything fun about relays - the comraderie, energy and competition - creating a summer mini campaign that left no kits in inventory.


Fall 2016 kicked off with a training camp in Vermont where elite road athletes gathered to increase strength, sharpen foot speed, and log serious miles. 


"Art of the Training Tee"

This was a significant product evolution. Creating relevant concepts and commisioning a variety of artists execute - creating a limited series that far exceeded original forecasts or prior sales marks.


When puns go wrong, or right, depending upon you're "lean".

BUT what was really cool, we hunted down the original illustrator behind the 1990's Sport Tee craze featuring our favorite athletes with giant heads - "Mudge" created these custom illustrations leading up to the election in 2016.