Sightlife is the nation's leading eye bank, and the only nonprofit global health organization focused solely on eliminating corneal blindness around the world. As successful as they were at running their business and supplying the nation and world with corneal tissue, they needed our help building their brand and developing a strong communication piece to grow awareness. By doing this Sightlife can rally support and donors and impact more people around the world affected by blindness.

The Idea: 
We started in India where we could showcase Sightlife's global effort. We gave newly sighted patients cameras and let them take pictures of what they see. Through this lens we got a glimpse of the world as they see it for the first time. Family. Friends. A world that was once dark. We we spent time with the children and their families, documenting this life changing event for all. A rag tag crew consisting of myself, another volunteer photographer and a Sightlife worker set out across India visiting hospitals and meeting patients.The program will continue domestically as patients and donor families continue to share their photos and stories.

Dharender's Story and Photos

Dinkar Family's Story and Photos