Men's Store

A digital campaign focused on changing the perception of JCPenney Men's fashion line that ran in the lead up to and during the NBA Draft, featuring first round pick Frank "The Tank" Kaminsky.

"Big Time Frank"

Frank "The Tank" Kaminsky is a blue-collar kid from small town Illinois. The idea that Frank's pro ball player status, money, and newfound fame might have changed him angers and saddens the town and his grandparents. He's their "Little Franky" after all. Did he change, or is it just the new threads?  

"Big Time Frank's JCP Suit"

Frank Kaminsky was selected 9th overall in the 2015 NBA Draft by the Charlotte Hornets. Leading up to the Draft and ESPY Awards, JCP put out a series of videos across their social channels featuring Frank. He even wore a JCPenney custom suit to the draft that stirred quite a bit of buzz. 

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